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Welcome to my new site ANIMALART.GALLERY

with Art of Animals, Wildlife, some Pet portraits I made and landscapes, now for sale!

After 25 years of animal painting (and drawing), I decided to sell everything that I realised between 1990 and 2015.

Maybe I can make someone happy by having one of this handmade drawings, made with love of our beloved animals. At the same time, together, you help our endangered animals as I donate 10% to the World Wildlife Fund.


I hope you will enjoy looking at my previous art work. I applied all kind off techniques. Pencil, Graphite and Coloured pencil, Oil pastels, Watercolour paint and Acrylic paint. Sometimes mixing them in an unusual way.

All drawings or paintings are unique, traditionally painted with high quality materials, on acid-free paper or thick linnen. They have a frame and the drawings are behind glass and have a Passe-partout mounting. I mail a picture if you want.

Feel free to change the frame later yourself, you don't pay extra on the existing frame.

Prices are 6% tva included, delivery costs exclusive, depending on the size, weight and country to be sent to.

Make an appointment to take a closer look or mail me when you are interested in buying this or for more info.

But first take a look at 25 years and many hours of passionate drawing and painting animals, in all their beauty!

Kind regards, An Verniers, Animalart, to make them live forever..


I also paint on commissioned assignment like the Pet portraits you can find on www.petportrait.be

Starting from any picture(s), I paint a detailed portrait from your cat, dog, horse or even from your family.


If you like to buy a painting from this site or order a portrait, please mail to: animalart@live.be

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